Camping is one of the recreational activities that has been around for decades. The participants organize for temporary outdoor residence, which can be in different forms, including tents and vehicles. Most ocamping ideas are named after the inventors, lifestyle and nature. In this article we shall look at three main types, common all over the world.

Tent Camping 

Tent camping is the most famous type of camping, dating back to recreation activity invention. The tent is foldable and can be pitched anywhere –in the park, campsite, in the woods, at the beach or any other location that you may desire to enjoy your nights. Tent camping is ideal for people starting camping and on a low budget. It is also family-friendly and creates the best bonding moments. While there are different tent sizes, the canvas is the best option for quality. 

RV and Van Camping

This type of camping involves going to outdoor activities with your van as the house. Sometimes it’s called the house on the wheel because you will enjoy almost everything you have in the house while on the go in the wild.

With an RV or Van, you’re free to pack all the equipment you need to enjoy camping. You also benefit from warmer nights and get protection from bad weather. While this type of camping has many advantages, one limitation is limited accessibility to true wilderness.

Glamping Camping  

Also known as glamorous camping, it involves camping with unlimited luxuries of a home or hotel. You could choose a yurt, lodge, cabin, tree-houses, and villas, to mention but a few.

This type of camping is available all over the world, and you can spot them in areas with beautiful sceneries for panoramic views. Such setups are ideal for a family with children since the environment is more secure and easy to adapt to.