After booking your first camping trip, there are other things you should take care of for your safety. Camping is thrilling, and you can create long-lasting memories. However, this only happens if you do it right. Here are essential things you need to know:

Keeping your food fresh
Keeping your food fresh is vital to avoid food poisoning or going hungry for days. Therefore, a well-insulated cooler with a lid and drain plug is perfect. Before you leave:
•    Take your time to pack and freeze your food.
•    Pack the ice at the bottom, followed by dairy and meat as a rule of thumb.
•    Pack the rest of the foods depending on the order you plan to use them.
•    Please keep all your foods in containers and tightly sealed bags to prevent them from getting soggy.

Check the fire
Since firewood is for sale in most parks, you shouldn’t bring yours from home! Carrying your own firewood could be a hazard because you can spread diseases and insects. Always keep your fire in its designated fire pit. Clear leaves, pine needles, and grasses around the pit to avoid forest fires. When you are done, follow these steps:
•    Pour water on the fire
•    Use a stick to stir the ashes
•    Pour more water

Prepare for bugs
You will encounter mosquitoes, black flies, ants, and other insects. Long-sleeved shirts and loose-fitting parts can create a barrier. Remember to zip the tent always and carry insect repellant.

Setting up a tent
Before leaving for the campsite, practice setting up a tent. Besides perfecting your skills on tent pitching, setting up a tent before leaving helps you check the condition of your tent (rips and tears) and ensure all tools and parts are present.

Upon arriving at the campsite, take time to survey. Look for a flat surface (without roots or rocks) and pitch your rent. Remember, the fire pit should be at least 6 feet away.