If you want to spend your time outdoors, camping is an ideal choice. However, for beginners, here are tips you should never forget:


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Plan for bad weather
While camping, weather can change abruptly, and if you are not prepared, you might find it harsh and unbearable. Therefore, you should pack:
•    Waterproof clothing
•    Warm layers
•    Warm hat
•    Insect repellant
•    Sun protection
While weather forecast is not always accurate, it helps you get an idea of weather changes.

Plan your activities
Failure to plan can make you engage in numerous activities that aren’t helping or forget vital activities you yearned to engage in. Ergo, before you go camping, always plan for all the activities you will engage in, like kayaking, hiking, cycling, or swimming. You can save time and effectively engage in all the activities. Overnatting Kristiansand

Look out for camping sales
If you plan, camp sales can help you save a lot of money when buying camping kits and accessories. It is advisable to purchase the kits over the low season when their prices are low. Remember to research well to make the right purchases and save money. Camping Sørlandet

Carry a first aid kit
Although you might not need it, it is vital to carry a first aid kit in case of an accident or injury. If you are taking your dog, remember to take an extra kit for your pet. It is safe to carry the first kit and not need it rather than need the kit if you don’t have one.

Follow a packing list
While you can buy all the items you need, you can forget some while packing. To avoid this from happening, always follow the packing list.

Avoid pitching under a tree
Never pitch under a tree because tree branches can fall on your tent if it is raining or windy. Sometimes, tree sap and bird mess can fall on your tent, making it unhabitable.

Finally, always carry a portable charger. While camping, it is crucial to have a portable charger if your phone goes off. Many campsites provide electric pitches & phone charging facilities, but it is safe to have a portable option if you need it.

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